JULY 23 | Nehemiah Series - Week 3

1. Have someone read Neh. 4:1-4a. Who was opposing Nehemiah’s leadership and with what tactics? Describe who or what can be outside opposition in your life as you live for God. What tactics are used?

2. Discover together the struggles Nehemiah 5:1-13 describes and how internal conflicts and disunity arose from within the ranks of the faithful workers. Relate how that can happen within the settings of the people you love and live with, and even with the people who are serving God with you at Church.

3. What example did Nehemiah display 1) to his enemies and 2) to his leadership team of workers? How does his example challenge you for those you love to lead and for those who challenge your leadership?

4. In Neh. 5:19 Nehemiah prays “Remember, O my God, all that I have done for these people, and bless me for it.” What would have been the ultimate blessing for Nehemiah? What would be your ultimate blessing from God as you are trying to accomplish your leadership assignment God has given you?

5. Read Neh. 6:15-16. What should be the ultimate goal of our individual and collective leadership efforts? Share an experience when others saw the greatness of God through the work and leadership of others.



JUNE 16TH | Nehemiah Series - Week 2

1. Read Nehemiah 2:10. Why would anyone be displeased and against Nehemiah’s plan that was birthed from the heart of God? Why would someone be against a plan that God births in you?

2. Why would Nehemiah hide in his heart the plans that he had received from God according to Neh. 2:12? What can take place as we dialog only with God for a specific season about His plans for our lives?

3. Share Nehemiah 2:17-18, 20. How did Nehemiah encourage and motivate the people to accomplish the plan of God? Tell of an experience when someone encouraged you or you encouraged someone else to trust God and His assignment.

4. Have someone read the second portion of Neh. 3:28. Talk about the importance of leaders providing resources and the system to accomplish the assignment. What was the key that motivated the workers and leaders to finish their assignment? How do you work when you have skin invested in the project?

5. What is God speaking to you about His assignment in your life? What is that you care so much about that God wants you to make an eternal difference in?